French Open Predictions: How did we do?

June 23, 2017
Nadal 2017 French Open

During the early rounds of the French Open, a series of spurious, uninformed predictions were made about the latter half of the tournament. With the tennis season in that agonizing three-week long break between the French Open and Wimbledon, let us pull away briefly from grass court tuneup tournaments to see how we did:

  1. Thiem will go deep. Well, Thiem went pretty deep, making it all the way to the semi-final “battle of generations” with Rafa where, despite his near-perfect play to that point, Thiem found out that old guys still rule (spoiler alert for prediction number two below).
  2. Rafa will win it all. Not winning any prizes for outside-the-box thinking here.
  3. Halep will win the women’s tournament. Well, she came close. It would be great to see her finally win a grand slam, and as long as she continues playing near her French Open level, it’s hard to see how she doesn’t soon. Still, her bruising defeat at the hands of Jelena Ostapenko, the Latvian slugger, shows just how mixed up women’s tennis is these days.
  4. Muguruza is a threat. Whomp whomp.
  5. The Bryan Brothers are back! Well, they’re certainly not gone.


Dessert: Wimbledon predictions, from somebody else for a change. Click here for Bleacher Report’s post-French Open Wimbledon predictions.

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